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Macron offers no kiss of life for Christmas skiing

Macron stops short of cancelling skiing this Christmas, but he also doesn't confirm we can go take advantage of the slopes.

In his address to the nation, which is ongoing as I write this post, Macron says that no decision has yet been made about the opening of ski resorts, and that the French government is working with neighbouring countries to agree a collective policy for the winter.

While this is not the news skiers had been hoping for, prospects of skiing this season are certainly not yet dead. What we know is that the national confinement restrictions are largely to be extended by two weeks until 15 December, with some minor adjustments (including being allowed out for 3 hours exercise up to 20km from home - a significant improvement for physical training!). But there will be ongoing use of permission forms to go outside, restaurants will stay closed.

After 15 December, there is the promise of some further lifting of restrictions once it's confirmed that we are "beyond" the second wave.

But, while a decision is yet to be taken regarding the opening of ski resorts for Christmas, Macron tells us it may be more prudent to wait until January before winter sports are allowed. This is not a death kernel but it's certainly not the cheery festive news we'd been hoping for today. All is not yet lost. Macron is still talking, but I think we have the main news with regards skiing for now. Watch this space for the latest updates as we get them.

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